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Reference Projects


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Mojo Capitals I A/S was the first private equity fund on the entire Costa del Sol and the first of its kind in the House of Mojo.

For this simple reason, we have compiled 12 reference projects based on property investments on the Costa del Sol using the personal funds of Per Mønsted and Jacob Johansen’s as well as ongoing projects funded by investors in Mojo Club Invest to provide a better insight into the results achievable with our investment strategy.

The table below provides an overview of the financial performance of the nine reference projects for own funds and the three ongoing investment projects for Mojo Club Invest’s funds.

The overview shows which property we had invested in, how much the purchase price was, how much we invested in the renovation of the property, the sales price, the income from holiday rental, the operational expenses, the profit before tax, the number of months before the property was resold, and the ROI per year and in total.

Profit Overview

Investing with our own Funds

Per Mønsted and Jacob Johansen have acquired nine different types of property since 2017 across the coast in Mijas Costa, Benalmádena, Marbella, Monda and Fuengirola, respectively.

The first project is from before the two Mojo owners found the right recipe for property investment on the Costa del Sol, which is reflected in the result. One of the mistakes of the first investment was a transfer tax of 8% and an overly expensive renovation due to a lack of access to the right purchase prices. Subsequently, the investment properties were purchased with only 2% transfer tax.

Already with the second investment project in Benalmádena, profits totalled 36.88% annually and 46.10% in total for the 15 months. Let’s look at the total average of the nine investment projects for Per Mønsted and Jacob Johansen’s own funds. The properties have yielded a return of 26.67% annually and 48.90% in total, which is far above the annual return we have set as a target for Mojo Capitals.

Reference Projects via Mojo Club Invest

In the reference projects, the investors from Mojo Club Invest wanted to come up with a balance of DKK +38 million, which has been invested in three properties in the luxurious Marbella. Ownership and profit sharing has then been split between the investors, Per Mønsted and Jacob Johansen. The properties were purchased at an average price of €934,333.

The two villas and the penthouse are expected to be renovated for an average total investment price of €1,713,449, after which the properties will be put up for sale at an average price of €2,413,000. An annual average return of 26.54% is expected over a 15-month average ownership period and a total return of 33.92%.

Investor Benefits

Through the House of Mojo and the structure of the private equity fund, Mojo Capitals achieves a wide range of benefits that improve the fund’s returns:

✔ 2% ITP instead of the standard 7-10% transfer tax

✔ Deductions for renovations and the option to pay 10% VAT instead of 21%

✔ 20% partner discount on Mojo Legal & Compliance Service

✔ 40% partner discount on rentals

Our target is an annual return of approximately 10% after Spanish tax and the annual 2% management fee, and best of all, the gain will be tax-free for you if you invest via a Danish holding company. For more information about tax gain for companies in other countries, please consult your local tax advisor.