Mojo Capitals I – Closed

In Mojo Capitals I A/S, which was the first fund to be established, we wanted an exclusive and limited investor group of around 25 investors who could have existing relationships with the House of Mojo and knowledge of the Costa del Sol through their own property or similar investments.

During the subscription period from the 1st of July to the 30th of August 2022, it was possible to become a co-owner of the property development company with a minimum investment of €100,000, which is the EU minimum requirement. Each investor would have the possibility to invest up to €250,000, subject to the approval of the fund’s board of directors.

There were made six investments in Mojo Capitals I A/S for the raised capital of 2,586,600 €. These were both new development projects and apartments that we renovated in Malaga, Fuengirola, and Mijas. The investments were based on our proven strategies and experience from 12 property transactions for our own funds and via Mojo Club Invest, on the stretch between Málaga and Marbella, as well as numerous property transactions for private individuals and investors through Mojo Estates SL since 2017.

Learn more about our investment strategy in the video below, which is based on our first purchase in the fund, an apartment in Miraflores in Mijas, which we acquired and fully renovated through Mojo Capitals I A/S. In the video, we also reveal how we handle the risks associated with property investment on the Costa del Sol. Below the video, you will find our quarterly reports for Mojo Capitals I A/S.




Q1 2024:

Q4 2023:

Q4 2023 is the first quarter without new investments. The focus has been on viewings of the apartments in Miraflores and Malaga. The construction in Las Lomas 5 is well underway, while the launch of Las Lomas 6 has been postponed once again.

Q3 2023:

The focus this quarter has been on the execution of our two renovation projects in Miraflores and Malaga, which have been put up for sale at the planned price. We are in the initial planning phase with the architects for our two townhouses in Mijas Pueblo. We have also reviewed a number of investment opportunities and made several offers for…

Q2 2023:

We have now invested 100% of the capital. Since last quarter, we have purchased an apartment and a studio in Mijas Pueblo for €190,000 and subsequently bought the neighbouring apartment for €64,150. In addition, we have invested in a beautiful 103 m2 apartment in the historic centre of Malaga.

Q1 2023:

Three of the five investments are now in place. We have reserved two new developments in Las Lomas del Higuerón and Royals Palms in La Cala de Mijas. The apartment in Miraflores is under renovation. We are still working on …

Q4 2022:

We ended the fundraising on 25 November 2022 with a total of 25 investors. The final capital amounts to € 2,586,600. We registered the raised capital and the new owners with the Danish Business Authority on 2 December 2022. It all appears in the CVR register now…

“Central Investorinformation” 

Is clear information about the investment content, returns, risk and costs

All Danish investment funds must prepare the document “Central Investorinformation” on their investment certificates. This is a two-page document with clear information about the content, return, risk and costs of the investment. Investment Denmark calls it a product declaration on investment certificates.

All investment funds must prepare the product declaration in the same way. The topics in the document are determined by the EU, and the rules apply to all investment funds in the EU. The aim is to make it easy for investors to compare different investments.