Capital Fund Structure

Everything you need to know about Mojo Capitals, and how it works!

1. Alternative Investment Fund

Mojo Capitals is an alternative investment fund (AIF) managed by Mojo Capitals Management ApS (an AIFM company), which takes care of the renovation and daily operations. This unique structure enables you as an investor to benefit from special operational tax advantages.

2. Investment Approach

Our investment approach is based on new builds, bank repossessions, foreclosures and especially older, lucrative homes in prime locations that require some renovation but where we can optimise the distribution of space.

3. Registration & Audit

Mojo Capitals and Mojo Capitals Management have been registered as AIF (Alternative Investment Fund) and AIFM (Alternative Investment Fund Managers) We have used Deloitte Copenhagen for authorisation by the Danish FSA. PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Copenhagen and PwC Málaga are responsible for our audit.

4. Valuation of Assets

Independent valuation reports are prepared annually for all properties in connection with the annual accounts. In Spain, the subsidiary’s equity is calculated based on the net asset value, where the trade price, trade costs and renovations will be included.

5. Transparency

We believe in honesty, transparency and personalised customer relationships, which we combine with digital tools and strategies. We take our investors with us through the entire investment journey with the help of face-to-face meetings, video reports, images and other documentation.

6. The Collaboration Model

There are many advantages of investing in Mojo Capitals, which can be found in the structure of the fund. Get a better understanding of the structure of Mojo Capitals in relation to partners and founders in the figure below, which illustrates how the collaboration model in the private equity fund works.

2% Administration Fee

As shown in the figure above, Mojo Capitals will have a cooperation agreement with Mojo Capitals Management ApS regarding the operation of Mojo Capitals and the portfolio properties acquired through Mojo Capitals I SL, Mojo Capitals II SL, Mojo Capitals III SL and so on. This is done through a very attractive Management Fee of 2% per annum of the established share capital.

12% Management Success Fee

Thanks to the partnership agreement with Mojo Estates SL, the private equity fund receives a wide range of benefits and discounts under the Mojo 360° concept. The primary reward and motivation for the Founders and the Management Company is to be found in the co-ownership and, finally, the 12% Success Fee of the profits. This means that 88% of the profit is paid back to the investors together with the invested capital when the private equity fund is liquidated after a maximum of six years.

3% Founders Fee

Investors usually always enter investment funds at significant premiums for the Founder’s efforts in establishing the fund and raising capital. We have chosen a more attractive model for investors, where the investment is made at a price of 100, meaning there will be no typical dilution. A 3% of the total subscribed capital will be distributed to the Founders once the company is liquidated.

Registration & Audit

Mojo Capitals III A/S (CVR nr. 43965190) is a so-called AIF (alternative investment fund) managed by Mojo Capitals Management ApS (CVR no. 42855537), which is designated as an AIFM company (Alternative Investment Fund Manager). All registrations with the Danish FSA have been prepared by Deloitte Copenhagen. PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Copenhagen is also the main auditor at the group level for Mojo Capitals I A/S, Mojo Capital II A/S, and Mojo Capitals III A/S, while Mojo Capitals I SL, Mojo Capitals II SL, and Mojo Capitals III SL’s wholly owned subsidiary has PwC Málaga as its local auditor.