Business Strategy

Good Business Acumen

The strategy for Mojo Capitals is called good business acumen. We strike when we see a good deal with reasonable potential and low risk. This will generally be an older, lucrative property in a great location that requires some renovation, preferably where we can optimise the distribution of space, such as adding an extra bedroom and bathroom.

Other investment opportunities are new builds, where we experience high value increases on a few carefully selected projects. Over 200 property projects are underway on the Costa del Sol, but only a few of these have the investment potential we are looking for.

Some of our criteria for acquiring development projects are the purchase price (m2 price), location, construction quality and design, and the construction process itself, i.e. how many construction and sales phases there are with the associated price increases.

Other attractive investment options include bank repossessions and foreclosures. Participating in these auctions requires a high level of process and legal knowledge, but genuinely favourable deals can be made.

See examples of different investments made by Mojo Capitals below.

General tidsinje - Mojo Capitals

A Six Year Investment Plan

A crucial part of the business strategy is that Mojo Capitals invests in residential properties on the Costa del Sol for a period of maximum six years. The first year is dedicated to finding the most favourable investment properties on the market. The following year is spent renovating acquired properties.

A small renovation of an apartment can take 3-4 months, while a luxury villa can take up to 12-18 months to reform. We focus on being able to start a renovation as quickly as possible. We work closely with our architects to take advantage of the 2022 Responsible Declaration Act, which allows us to start even larger renovation projects without a month- or year-long wait for a renovation licence.

The third to fifth year varies depending on where the properties are in the development process. Either the properties are rented out via Mojo Rentals on an ongoing basis or during the sales period, or the property is sold if it results in a better return on investment (ROI) than holiday rentals, allowing us to reinvest the money in a new property.

Get an overview of the private equity fund’s six-year investment plan in Mojo Capitals’ Timeline.

Sommer på Solkysten med Mojo

Lars Horsbøl Sørensen kiggede forbi Costa del Sol i sommeren 2022 for at blive klogere på den nye kapitalfond Mojo Capitals I A/S gennem denne podcast.

“Jeg er en tur forbi den spanske solkyst, hvor jeg besøger Per Mønsted og Jacob Johansen fra mægler og investeringsvirksomheden Mojo.”

Se videoen med Lars Horsbøl fra Ejendomsinvestoren ovenfor.

Ejendomsinvestorens seneste podcast: Påske på Solkysten

Lars Horsbøl Sørensen fra Ejendomsinvestoren kom forbi igen i 2023, hvor han besøgte det nye Mojo-kontor for at tale om, hvordan det er gået med Mojo Capitals I og hvad planerne er for den nye fond Mojo Capitals II.

Mojo Capitals’ investment approach

Investments in Mojo Capitals’ funds will be based on three factors that are important to you as an investor and to us as a private equity firm:

  1. Costs like an ETF
  2. Returns better than equities
  3. Safety like a bond.

If you choose to invest through a Danish company, you will be able to withdraw the return tax-free in your company. If investing through other companies, please consult your advisor regarding specific local rules and regulations.

    Our declared goals

    • In all cases, Mojo Capitals will keep the operating cost of investments as low as possible while maintaining our management fee at a competitive level compared to other investment funds – without compromising on the execution of the projects.

    • The tax margins that are favoured through our corporate structure ensure that our invested capital ultimately leads to a higher return for our investors.

    • Mojo’s in-house capabilities help stabilise the investments and form a solid foundation, creating security and peace of mind for our future projects. Mojo Capitals will create the same security framework for our residential investments on the Costa del Sol as we do for our bond investments.