Become an Investor

Become an Investor in Mojo Capitals

You now have the opportunity to become a co-owner of Mojo Capitals’ current private equity fund with a minimum investment of €100,000, which is the EU minimum requirement. The investor group in Mojo Capitals III A/S will be limited to 25 exclusive investors. We expect a capital round of €1,000,000. Each investor will have the opportunity to invest up to 10% of the total capital.

The subscription period for Mojo Capitals III A/S is in the fourth quarter of 2024. The 50% deposit is due on the December 24th and the remaining 50% in March 2025. Contact us now to get on our pre-launch list and seize the opportunity to be among the 25 exclusive investors!

As an investor, you will become part of the entire House of Mojo with all the competencies, experience and benefits that come with it. You will gain access to a network of exclusive investors as we organise exciting networking events on the Costa del Sol for investors and potential investors. You will also contribute to the local community on the best coastline in Europe. The list of advantages is long! What are you waiting for?





Types of Investors

You can join Mojo Capitals as an individual or a company. There are two ways to do this. You can either invest in Mojo Capitals directly through your own private funds or invest the money through a company such as a Danish private limited company (ApS) or Danish public limited company (A/S).

Invest through a Company

If you choose to invest via a Danish ApS or A/S, you can distribute the profits tax-free to your company. This is possible because no tax is payable on your return, as the money is invested in unlisted shares in the fund. You cannot invest in the fund if your money comes from pension funds.

A Closed-end Fund

Mojo Capitals is a closed-end fund that does not accept new shareholders, which ensures that there are no ongoing capital increases. Mojo Capitals can obtain special operational tax advantages due to the structure of the fund’s Spanish subsidiary, which is a property development company.

Benefits of Investing

We only pay 2% ITP (Impuesto de Transmisiones Patrimoniales) on existing residential investments (not new builds) instead of 7-10%. We also receive a full deduction for our renovations, which a private individual does not when taxing capital gains later on. This means a 19% increase in the cost of your renovations for private individuals but not for Mojo Capitals.

Subscription of Shares

The subscription period for Mojo Capitals III A/S is 1 October 2023. The subscription form is signed and sent to, which registers the subscription and the time of receipt. This is subsequently confirmed to the investors. The payment period is 50% in October 2023 and 50% in March 2024.

An Individual ongoing Exit

There are two options for exiting the company outside the structured six-year exit strategy. The first option is “Own sale (without costs)”. This strategy involves finding a buyer for the shares yourself. As an investor, you are obliged to inform Mojo Capitals of the new owner. The second option is “Active sale via Mojo Capitals Management ApS”. This sales strategy is a ‘No-Cure-No-Pay’ agreement where we set a price at which we must sell your shares within six months.