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Mojo Capitals & House of Mojo

Mojo Capitals is the icing on the cake and the crowning glory of the House of Mojo. The capital fund has a unique advantage in the southern Spanish property market, as the fund is closely connected to the Mojo family and, thus, the entire House of Mojo with all that it entails.

Investors will benefit from the proven and stable structure of the House of Mojo. Our goal is to give our investors a hopefully very profitable journey with the exclusive opportunity to see our funds develop from start to finish.

As an investor in one of Mojo Capitals’ Real Estate Investment Trusts, you can sit back and follow the exciting development, while we at Mojo take control and manage the entire process.

Meet the founders behind Mojo Capitals

Mojo Capitals was founded by five experienced business owners, each with their own skills and competencies, who together form the unique and modern Real Estate Investment Trust named Mojo Capitals I A/S, Mojo Capitals II A/S, Mojo Capitals III A/S and so on.

Transparency and good communication is a crucial part of Mojo Capitals’ investment strategy. In order for you to feel comfortable investing in housing projects on the Costa del Sol via Mojo Capitals, we want you to get to know the founders behind the capital fund: Per Mønsted, Joachim Voola Schiødtz, Jacob Johansen, Henrik Vestergaard Kastbjerg and Mette Nør Mønsted.

Per Mønsted


About Per...

Per Mønsted is 54 and has lived in Spain with his wife Mette and their three children since 2014. For his private fortune, he has been involved in property investment and sales in Spain since 2016. Per has a background as a professional serial entrepreneur and cofounder.

Among other things, he was the mastermind behind the biotech company StemCare, which he sold in 2007, and the fintech success ViaBill, which he exited his ownership stake at a valuation of +DKK 100,000 million in 2018. Per graduated from the University of Southern Denmark, where he obtained a Master of Business Administration in 1993.

Subsequently, he graduated with an HD in Marketing and became one of the youngest in Denmark to receive an Executive MBA from Aarhus University in Change Management in 2003. Throughout his career, Per has worked with investments, mergers, acquisitions, sales, marketing and property trading and has been a professional board member in a number of Danish and foreign companies.

In addition, he has been part of Mojo Estates SL since he started the company at the end of 2017, together with Jacob Johansen.

Joachim Schiødtz

Co-founder & CEO

About Joachim...

Joachim Voola Schiødtz is the CEO of Mojo Capitals. He is based in Copenhagen but has an international background as chairman of the board, board member and investor in a number of property projects in Denmark, Germany and Spain.

In addition, Joachim has also started and run several companies within technology and recruitment and has been an investor in Danish, English and Middle Eastern start-ups.

Joachim holds an MSc in Computer Engineering from the University of Southern Denmark in Odense. He has completed an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Startup in Madrid in collaboration with Harvard Business Publishing Education. Joachim is also affiliated with the Presidents Institute in Club 22 DK, which is an international CEO network primarily in the Nordic region.

Jacob Johansen


About Jacob...

Jacob Johansen is 51 and has a background as a broker in the entertainment industry, working on releases and producing for major labels. After graduating, Jacob Johansen launched his career in the w.w. music industry from his bedroom in Aarhus, which led to work in the inner circle of the biggest names in the US and UK, such as Beyonce, Todd Terry, Lenny Kravitz and Sinéad O Connor.

In 2007, Jacob moved to the Costa del Sol with his family, where he quickly spotted opportunities in the property market and took his newfound passion into property investment after the 2008 crisis. After several years of experience in the southern Spanish property market and an in-depth knowledge of the Costa del Sol market, he founded Mojo Estates SL with Per Mønsted at the end of 2017.

Jacob’s broad experience and creative background have given him the unique foundation to make ends meet and close what to others would seem impossible. Jacob has a large local network and specialises in finding homes with a high barrier to entry and great property deals for professional investors and wealthy individuals at the luxury end of the market, as well as setting up corporate structures for expats looking to invest in the Costa del Sol.

Henrik Kastbjerg


About Henrik...

Henrik Kastbjerg is 45 and has for more than 20 years enjoyed travelling with his family to Southern Spain, Henrik is Group CEO of it8m, a large Danish IT company with 1800 employees.

In addition to being an investor and on the board of Mojo Capitals II A/S and Mojo Capitals III A/S, Henrik has also joined Mojo Capitals Management ApS as a partner.

He is a very driven business leader and has previously been involved in many different companies, working in areas such as Business Strategy, Change Management, Team Leadership, IT Strategy and Project Management. He has also served on the board of directors of several companies and has achieved remarkable results.

Mette Nør Mønsted


About Mette...

Mette Nør Mønsted is 50 and married to Per Mønsted. She has an educational background as a nurse, nutritional therapist and a former visual artist with her own galleries in Denmark. Since moving with her family to the Costa del Sol in 2014, her creativity, natural sense of good taste, and Scandinavian style have been an indispensable tool. For the past eight years, Mette has applied her skills and knowledge of the Scandinavian audience to property development, more specifically, the design of homes on the Costa del Sol.

Mette has a unique ability to visualise how an old home can be optimised in the best possible way in terms of space distribution, furniture, colours, materials, use of every square metre, light and much more. It is precisely these core competencies that Mojo Capitals will benefit from when buying, renovating and staging properties for resale in order to achieve the highest possible return.

She has a flair for good design and will be involved throughout the entire purchasing and renovation process to ensure that all materials and furniture are of the highest quality, and beautiful design and match the end buyers’ wishes and needs. Mette also has extensive experience and good results with home staging, which is a crucial part of getting a home sold quickly as it helps buyers visualise the finished result.

How does Mojo come into the picture?

The Andalusian property market is one of the most propulsive property markets in Southern Europe, but a lack of agility in the renewal of the market has meant that several property-related businesses have failed to keep up with the times. Mojo Estates SL was founded in 2017 in response to this gap in the market.

We saw an opportunity to make a difference with a more strategy-driven and customer-centric approach. Since then, we have methodically built market-leading in-house capabilities to better fulfil these customer needs, which is a crucial part of Mojo Capital.

In particular, our Legal Service Department, with lawyers Lorena Rus Sánchez and Odile Schlensog Montañésis, is an indispensable source of risk coverage and efficient case management for Mojo’s clients and the private equity fund.

Innovation and sustainable solutions drive our investment strategies. Our investments are structured through specialised platforms such as Mojo Invest, Mojo Club Invest and Mojo Capitals, each meeting the different needs of our customers. We call the overarching concept the House of Mojo.

Shared Housing

We have the shared housing concept called Mojo Sharing, where eight families or companies buy 1/8 ownership of a home. The foundation specialises in renovating and staging the sharing properties with beautiful furniture packages, as well as getting tourist licence permits and all other practicalities in place. The homes are decorated by Mojo’s designers and sold and managed by Mojo Sharing’s Frederik Kvist, William Just, Mikkel Cummings Hansen, Tobias Lind Buus, and Rayco De Leon Jensen. All to achieve the best possible market price.

Rentals Agency

Our in-house rental agency is our sister company Mojo Rentals SL, where Cristina Palmero Bueno and Alvaro Ara ensure the fund a first-class service and flexibility to meet the fund’s more specialised needs for viewings during the rental periods.


Social media and marketing are the way forward on the Costa del Sol, where we sell properties to people worldwide. That’s why Mojo’s marketing team are invaluable in attracting attractive buyers. The team consists of the English & Swedish marketing specialist Daniel Green, the Spanish videographer Dani Garcia, and the Danish copywriter and marketing consultant Line Krogsgaard Erichsen.

Sales, sales, sales

The organisation’s core is the sales team, consisting of Per Mønsted and Jacob Johansen at the management level and our team of ten skilled real estate agents. In addition, we have our own in-house lawyers, accountants, designers and a close local network of qualified and reliable craftsmen, cleaning teams, architects, furniture stores etc.

We also work with all other estate agents based on the Costa del Sol to maximise our reach. This all comes together in a unique wheel of 360-degree service that greatly benefits Mojo Capital and its investors.

House of Mojo

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