Join us on a fantastic investment journey

Find out how to join Mojo Capitals and achieve favourable returns with property investments on the Costa del Sol. Mojo Capitals I A/S and Mojo Capitals II A/S are running at full speed. Still, you can become one of our 25 exclusive investors in Mojo Capitals III A/S, which will be open for subscription at the end of 2024.

What do you need to know before investing?

Capital Fund Structure

Mojo Capitals structure is based on the investment form known as private equity fund
ownership. This means that if you invest via a Danish holding company, the gains will be tax-

The Business Strategy

We aim to achieve an ROI of approximately 10% per year after tax and the annual 2% management fee, realised through the strategy approach we call ‘Good business acumen’. We strike when we see a good business opportunity with reasonable potential and low risk.

The Timeline

“Time is money”, and our mission is to create the best possible ROI for our investors. That’s why Mojo Capitals is a closed-end fund based on a six-year investment plan, after which the funds are liquidated.

The Investments

We have made six investments in Mojo Capitals I, which cover an apartment in Miraflores, two construction projects in Royal Palms and Las Lomas del Higuerón, an apartment in Malaga, and two townhouses in Mijas Pueblo. In addition, we have ongoing projects with funds from investors in Mojo Club Invest and the 12 reference projects Per Mønsted and Jacob Johansen have made with their own funds.

Shares & Exit Strategy

The subscription period for Mojo Capitals III A/S is in the fourth quarter of 2024. The subscription form is signed and sent to, which registers the subscription and the time of receipt. This is subsequently confirmed to the investors. The payment period is 50% first and then the other 50% later

The Founders & Team Behind

Mojo Capitals was established by Per Mønsted, Jacob Johansen, Joachim Voola Schiødtz, Henrik Vestergaard Kastbjerg and Mette Nør Mønsted. The investment funds are part of a larger organisation called House of Mojo.

Why invest in Mojo Capitals?

You now have the opportunity to be part of something new and exciting on the Spanish Costa del Sol. Mojo has developed a new private equity concept called Mojo Capitals – and we would like to invite you to join the journey.

Mojo Capitals is for those who want to invest in properties with potential on the Costa del Sol with the right local partner who can handle the purchase, renovation, possible letting and, last but not least, the sale of the property with a good return.

Mojo Capitals I A/S was the first Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) on the market, rethinking the traditional private equity fund focusing on property investment, renovation projects and leases.

“I see Mojo Capitals as an exciting opportunity to be part of something new and exciting. It also provides security concerning buying, selling and everything else in relation to properties. I like the idea of local brokers, and for me, it means a lot that they are Danish. It gives me a sense of security that Mojo has my back. I have experienced good communication throughout the process, and the information has been top-notch. I feel that Mojo has been available 24/7”.

Brian Jespersen

Advantages of investing in Mojo Capitals

Through the House of Mojo and the structure of the private equity fund, Mojo Capitals achieves a wide range of benefits that improve the fund’s returns:

✔ 2% ITP instead of the usual 7-10% transfer tax

✔ Deductions for renovations and the option to pay 10% VAT instead of 21%

✔ 20% partner discount on Mojo Legal & Compliance Service

✔ 40% partner discount on rentals

Our target is an annual return of approximately 10% after Spanish tax and the annual 2% management fee, and best of all, the gain will be tax-free for you if you invest via a Danish holding company.